5 Gift Ideas for Bikers and Cyclists

5 Gift Ideas for Bikers and Cyclists

Trying to find the perfect gift for the cyclist or occasional biker in your life? Here are 5 stylish, fun yet practical gift ideas any cyclist would love.

# 1 Bike Chain Bowl

This unique and gorgeous bowl is made from repurposed or salvaged bike parts. This is a great novelty gift item for any cyclist. This bike chain bowl can be used as a catch all bowl for your keys, a coffee table in the living room, or even your desk at work.

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#2 Sparse Fixed Bike Light Set

For the stylish cyclist, check out the Sparse LED bike light. This modernly designed front spacer and tail light are elegantly designed and virtually impossible to steal. These fashionable bike lights are a Kickstater project featured in Fast Company Magazine. Congrats on getting funded!

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#3 Modern Wall Mounted Bike Storage by Cycloc

Hang your bike in style! The cycloc is a modern wall mount bike storage that can store any bike horizontally or vertically. Declutter your apartment with the Cycloc – from 4 colors green, black, white, and orange.

The Cycloc was designed by US Designer Andrew Lang from Ohio

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Official Website - http://cycloc.com/index.html
Twitter Account - @cycloc

#4 Bike Bell Speedometer by Dring Dring

This original hand-painted metal bicycle bell by dringdring, is fun, decorative and perfect for the fast cyclist in your life. Painted with eco-friendly paints: without solvents or toxic fumes. The painted bells are then baked making them resistant to all types of weather.

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#5 Recycled Desk Pendulum Clock

This innovative recycled desk clock is made from recycled bicycle parts. This elegant clock would make a great desk ornament.

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